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Week 15-Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

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This week I interviewed Lourdes Martinez who is on her last semester with a Photography major. Her interest towards art began her last year in high school. She did explain that it was not that interesting in high school classes, but once she began college the classes were much more interesting and taught them more in depth. When she was coming in as a freshmen she wanted to be a nurse, but eventually went for photography.

She views art as a place where you can have everything you are interested in such math, science, and etc. Her dream is to get an internship at the Observatory. She is not really looking for photography jobs, but if the opportunity comes she is willing to try. She does not have a website where you can view her art pieces.

During the art gallery her piece of art was very unique. It was a piece that was shaped like a square with 2 colors with 4 different shades. This picture represents Earth and it amazes her how so many people live in on earth and you can not even see how small Earth is. She was mainly inspired by space aircraft.

I really found her piece of art interesting because it was different and I did not know what it meant. As I asked her questions I realized that it had a good meaning to it. I like how that piece of photography represents Earth. She really liked that science and math is incorporated in art pieces and I found that interesting to. It was interesting the way she viewed art by saying that you incorporate any subject or anything you like into a piece of art.

Week 15-Classmate Conversation- Shannelle Cruz and Aida Gonzalez


This week I interviewed Shanel Cruz and Aida Gonzalez. Shanel Cruz is a 4 year student at CSULB. Her major is Health Care Administration and after graduation she is looking to work in the hospital as a Human Resource person. She commutes from Cerritos and she went to St. Joseph’s High School. Her hobby is to watch Netflix and her favorite shows are “Jane the Virgin” and “How I Met My Mother.” She loves trying new food places and her favorite type of food for the moment are tacos. Another hobby is that she likes going out with friends. She has a part time job at Downtown Disney and she is able to get a free pass. The question of the week was “What art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Shanel’s answer was that she thinks music and social media is one the biggest impacts in life because it connects you with each other. Aida Gonzalez is a very good friend of mine and I had already interviewed but we both interviewed Shanel.

week 13-Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett


This week for the artist conversation I spoke to Tyler Turett. His art gallery had animations done by him and a mini sculpture of himself. His creations are mostly cartoon type which he uses Photoshop, flash, and after effects to make his creations.  The sculpture was made of wire, foil, and some type of clay. He also mentioned that he did animations on paper where you have to flip through the pages in order to see the animations. In most of his work he tried to incorporate a 3D background.

Turret goes to CSULB and he is finishing up his last semester. He mentioned that he was interested in doing animation barely 2 years ago. When he began learning about animation all the work they did was made on paper, but now it can be made by drawing on a machine. With that machine he can make as many rough drafts of a drawing and is transferred to the computer. A rough draft of his drawing can take him 20 times redrawing the picture until he likes it. After he cleans up the drawing and transferred it to the computer to be animated. He was inspired by many animators and the Disney movies did to because his goal was to aim his drawings to look something like that. Although, he did mention that his drawings are nothing a like the Disney characters.


In Turett’s animations there are all types of characters. He had all types of characters like frogs, a satan, regular people, and carrot figures that were live. He enjoys making animation characters because he can create anything he wants and he can make people laugh with what he draws. His ultimate goal is to make people laugh. Animation is something that he enjoys doing because you could do much more drawings and animations that are similar to humans.

I really liked looking at his work because it was very intriguing and interesting. I thought that his explanation of his work was very funny and cute because what he described of the animation of the carrots was funny. His animation reminded me of all the shows I would watch in TV when I was a child. I liked the fact that he did a small sculpture of himself which was pretty neat. I really liked the picture where the carrots are attacking the person. Overall his work was great and he is very talented.





Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Emily Snyder


This week I met Emily Snyder who is a first year student at CSULB. She dorms here because she is originally from Nebraska. When she came to  CSULB she wanted to major in international business, but she is thinking of going back to Nebraska and changing her major to Elementary Education.

She is the middle child, she has an older sister and a younger brother. She played golf back in high school. Her hobbies are to play the guitar and piano. She loves watching movies, but her favorite movie is called “Love Actually.” She loves traveling and shopping; she mentioned that so far she had really enjoyed her visit to Upstate New York. Back home she was a nanny for about 5 years. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite type of food is Italian. I thought it was very interesting the fact that she had 14 pets in total, she has 2 golden retrievers, 2 cats, 5 ducks, and 5 chickens. It was nice getting to know Emily.


Week 12- Activity- ePortfolio


The activity of the week was to improve our website by changing the theme of our website and what our plans are to do with the website at the end of the semester. By changing it we had to create a web page that showed our interests and major goals. I decided to make my website based on soccer because I love playing and watching it. I would like for anything who goes on my site to put what they think about soccer or who their favorite soccer team is and etc.

At first I was indecisive to what to change my my theme to. I changed my my web page name to “Ball is Life” because to me soccer is just something that relaxes me and keeps me in shape. After this class I do not really plan to use the site, but I have learned a lot out of using this website and blogging. I really enjoyed the fact that this was a new experience for me and if I ever have to do something like this again I will know what to do.

Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Calvin Nguyen


This week for the classmate conversation, I interviewed Calvin Nguyen who is a second year student at CSULB. Originally his major was going to be Finance with a minor in accounting, but he is thinking about switching his major to accounting. After graduating he wishes to get a job as an accountant. His hobbies are to watch Netflix. He likes watching American Horror Story, Bones, and many other shows and movies. He also likes hanging out with friends and family. He enjoys going on hikes and exploring the beauty of nature. His favorite type of food is Pho and for dessert it is pistachio ice cream. His favorite color is blue and favorite shoe brand is Nike.

He answered the question of the week by saying that the color that cams him down is blue. The reason for is because it reminds of the ocean and the sky which relaxes him just by thinking about it. He also said that red flakes him up when things get down.

If you want to know about Calvin here is his website :

Week 12- Artist Conversation- Christopher M. Linquata


This week I interviewed Christopher M. Linquata who is on his last semester at CSULB. He is obtaining to get an MFA in representational painting and drawing.  As soon as I walked into his gallery which was located on Gatov-West, I was astonished by his work. All the beautiful color and paintings caught my eye right away which made me interested in learning more about his work by asking the artist.

wpid-20151112_112316.jpg  wpid-20151112_112334.jpg wpid-20151112_112319.jpg

His work is done by acrylic paint. He mentioned that he used it instead of oil because acrylic dries up faster. He was inspired mainly by nature and the renaissance era. He mentioned that there were a few of his paintings that were set at the beach. Also, he said one of the pictures was inspired by Sunken City which is a place in San Pedro. The paintings in his gallery had a picture which himself and the people who surrounded him. He mentioned that the people included his friends, family, and other MFA students at CSULB. To him his paintings are a place that he sees through his eyes.

wpid-20151112_111841.jpg wpid-20151112_111854.jpg wpid-20151112_111915.jpg

It took him 10 hours total to paint all of the pieces for this art show. He said that it was about 3 years to put the whole gallery together because there were a lot of ideas that came to him to finish up his last pieces. Christopher mentioned that he tends to draw out imagination, memories, or even draw or paint at the moment. His perspective is very unique that other artists. Some of his work shows humor and other expressions there is always a moral seriousness that he wishes to present on the low.

This was a very cool and eye catching gallery. I really liked the fact that he put himself in every piece of his work. The color and the portray displayed were just beautiful and the fact that each piece of art had a meaning behind it.  He has a lot of potential as an artist and I am happy and satisfied with what he presented in his art show this week.

You can find him on instagram: icon5350


facebook: christo.linquata

Week 11- Activity- Fiber Art


The activity of this week was to make something that is able to be wall hanging out of fiber. I attempted to make a hammock and I feel that it was a close attempt. At first I did not know what I was going to make out of fiber or at least I did not know to make it a hanging piece. So I started off by getting a little piece of stick and cutting out some streaks of yarn. Once I cut the pieces of yarn out I tied it to one side of the stick and then to the other stick. With this activity I realized that working with fiber takes a lot of patients because in order to make something out of it you have to take your time. I really enjoyed doing this project because it is something that takes creativity. The results were what I expected because it did look like a hammock although it was a bit weak to hold anything on top of it. I hung the hammock on two giraffes just because they were almost the same size. My view of fiber art has changed because now I understand that it is a process that requires patients and that many incredible things can be created out of fiber.

wpid-20151108_153853.jpg   wpid-20151108_153859.jpg

After I was done hanging up the hammock on the giraffes I put a little toy dog on top of it because it was very light. I thought this was a fun and interesting activity and I will definitely try to do some other type of art with fibers.

Week 11- Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

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This week I visited Kathy Yoon’s art gallery titled “So Many Me’s” located in Gatov East. Kathy is transferring to Cal State Long Beach and is getting a major in ceramics. She has been in the ceramics department for three years already. When she began college she was going to major in Math, but then she was introduced to ceramics so she changed her major to ceramics. Her gallery had a lot of ceramic figures that expressed various emotions.

She began working with ceramics once she was in college. She would make animal figures that would deal with realism but she felt there was something missing. She felt that she was not expressing her emotions the way she wanted to express them. She was inspired by animations which represented her emotions. All the figures presented in her gallery were showing different personalities and emotions expressed. She wanted us as the audience to relate to the work she had.

To create her figures she used clay. She made all kinds of shapes with the clay such as long strips, big chunks of it put on top of one another. Kathy did not want to put much colors because she felt that it would not express the message she was trying to portray. That is why she decided to use white, black, and red to  concentrate the main purpose of the figures. She mentioned that her favorite pieces contained red items and have a significant meaning to her such as the figure with the balloon and another with a hanging doll.

wpid-20151105_112858.jpg  wpid-20151105_112847.jpg

I really enjoyed going into to her gallery because all her figures had an interesting part. I found it more interesting that each figure showed a different expression such as anger, sadness, fear, and many other expressions. Just like Kathy my favorite piece in the gallery was the figure with a heart. She did not explain why she really liked it, but to me it seemed as if she was hanging on to a little piece of happiness. Her work was very eye catching and the meaning portrayed by her figures were very different and nice.

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You can find her on Instagram: kathycyoo

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