This week for the classmate conversation, I interviewed Calvin Nguyen who is a second year student at CSULB. Originally his major was going to be Finance with a minor in accounting, but he is thinking about switching his major to accounting. After graduating he wishes to get a job as an accountant. His hobbies are to watch Netflix. He likes watching American Horror Story, Bones, and many other shows and movies. He also likes hanging out with friends and family. He enjoys going on hikes and exploring the beauty of nature. His favorite type of food is Pho and for dessert it is pistachio ice cream. His favorite color is blue and favorite shoe brand is Nike.

He answered the question of the week by saying that the color that cams him down is blue. The reason for is because it reminds of the ocean and the sky which relaxes him just by thinking about it. He also said that red flakes him up when things get down.

If you want to know about Calvin here is his website : CalvinHoNguyen.wordpress.com