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September 2015

Week 5-Activity-Deep Ethnography


The place I decided to do the ethnography activity was in my room. The reason I chose to stay in my room was because that is the place where I can relax and fall a sleep really quick. Once there was no sun I stayed in my room with no electricity and slowly I fell a sleep. I actually enjoyed not having any electricity because it creates more heat and another reason was because I was actually able to sleep without having any technology. Usually when I sleep I use my phone for half an hour just going on social media when I can actually be sleeping.

It is amazing how before people did not need any electricity or technology to live. People back then enjoyed looking at the beauty of the sky, full of stars. Without lights you are able to see the beautiful sky and just relax, but now we have light and technology which is much more interesting to this generation. I wish that our generation and future generations would be able to experience what our parents or our ancestors experimented. Unfortunately we depend on light and a lot of things that have to do with technology. Any who, this experience was fun and well needed because I was able to sleep very well.


Week 5-Artist Conversation-Joanie Ellen


The artist I decided to interview was Joanie Ellen she was located in the Werby Gallery. As soon as I heard the name of the show “I Am Dirty-You Are Dirty” I was intrigued on what was presented. That is why I decided to see the art she was going to present. When I walked in i noticed that there was dirt on the floor covered with leaves and some stones, also a long piece of wood which  seemed like if it was cut from a tree horizontally. Next to the wood was two buckets full of dirty water. Joanie also had a big screen in which she was repeating herself saying, “I Am Dirty no You Are Dirty.” The materials she used was redwood, dirt, beach stones, branches, water, paint cans, and a piece of wood on top of the wood.


The reason this art show was to see the relationship between process and product in woodwork. The whole point of her video of repetition was to show that it shapes the identity for the craftsperson. The whole point of her material provided there was for the audience to take a look and actually mess with the buckets of water, the soap, and dirt. She encouraged everyone to touch the material to have a feel of her work.

She was inspired woodworking when she was pregnant. She use to be an actress, but now transitioned to doing wood work and sending a deep message with her art work. The transition from actor was not difficult because she said it came to her naturally. Her message through all this was about ideals in the nature and human nature. That is considered to her confusion and mess in a composed and thoughtful environment.

When I walked in the gallery I thought it was creepy but cool. At first I did not understand what the whole point of the gallery was until I went to speak with the artist. Once I understood the message behind it I went back and realized that it was a great art show. I enjoyed the gallery because everyone was allowed to touch the water, the soap, the dirt, and everything that was exposed  there. I was amazed by the wood work done because it was cut perfect and when you touched it, it was smoothed. I had a good time in this gallery and I can not wait for next weeks gallery shows.

I did ask if she had any specific website we could look at, but at the moment she did not have one.

Week 5-Classmate Conversation- Aiyat Abdelhady


This week I met Aiyat Abdelhady who is also in Art class 110. She is a third year student at CSULB and her major is Child Development. She is interested in working with children and helping develop their education. Her hobbies are to workout, to hang out with her boyfriend, and be with her dogs. A form that she likes to work out is by going hiking and exploring different places.

The question of the week was ” What do you swim in?” ; at first we were a bit confused until we clarified the question with the professor. Basically it is asking what is she doing here, at school, with her family, or other different kinds of questions. She said that she is at CSULB to get a career and make her parents proud; we both shared this thought. Also she is with her family because she feels their love and support in her decisions. The same way her family is there for her, she is there for them as well.

In picture on the top she is the one on the right hand side. It was great getting to meet Aiyat.


This week I had the opportunity to meet Socheatey Yim. We only spoke for about 10 to 15 minutes but I got to learn a lot more of her. Of course we first spoke about the question of the week which was “Does art matter?” Her response to that was art matters because to her it is like a record book. In her point of view if we only had engineers or doctors  we would be like robots with no sense of expressing yourself. I agree that art does matter because it is a form of expression and personality.

Socheatey Yim is a CSULB student and is going to major in accounting.She says she loves math it is like a puzzle to her. Solving problems is fun for her and even making them up. We also spoke about her hobbies, interests, and aspirations which were very interesting and unique. As a hobby she likes to draw because she said “it releases your inner beauty.” She also said that it is a way of relaxing and releasing her stress. She said she was not the greatest at drawing but decent that is exactly what she said. When she daydreams she thinks a lot about space. She says it is interesting thinking about what is going on all over her surroundings. Speaking with this girl was super fun and I am looking forward to meeting another classmate the following week.



My artist conversation for this week was with David de Mendoza. As soon as I went into his gallery I was amazed with all his work. His gallery was located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The theme of this gallery was based on fear and horror. He had a lot of monstrous painting that were made to reflect fear. He used oil paintings in order to get all those dark colors on his painting. Most of his paintings were drawn with dark colors which went very well with his horror theme.

He was inspired by horror movies and nightmares that he might have had or was mentioned tom him. Also, early exposure to horror movies motivated him to draw these paintings. He shared with us his favorite movie which was The Shrine. His goal is to have the audience react to his art and see the exposure art can create. As soon as I walked in I got the reaction he expects his audience to get because it was eye catching.

The meaning of his master pieces are to portray horror. He said that art is “Freedom of Expression” and I completely agree with him because everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. He also said that art is not something that looks a certain way, but however you want. Art is not just a form or drawing it is a form of drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, and many other ways.

Overall I loved looking at his work because I was intrigued by what every picture portrayed. The picture with the babies and their heads was really creepy, but really interesting in look at. The picture on the upper right hand side was really interesting because it looked like a spider with la face but then on its side of the head with a crocodiles mouth. I enjoyed the gallery and I am looking forward for the next artist conversation.

He does not have a website but you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: David de Mendoza

Instagram: demandizzle


samsung phoone 1132

The activity for this week was to do a painting of our name in bubble letters. This was the first time I have ever used spray paint. I really liked the colors that came with my bucket because I love pink and blue which represented me. I had trouble working the pink spray paint because at first  nothing was coming out, but then I took off the top and realized there was something blocking the spray from coming out. Once I took it off, the pink spray came out and was ready to function. I did my name twice, and honestly I messed up on both because it was hard for me to use the spray paint. It was hard for me because I had never used any, but towards the end of the names I got the hang of it. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because it gave me the excuse of spray painting on a board and actually practicing with. Once i did these two I spray painted my name and my boyfriends just for the fun of it. samsung phoone 1140

I had fun doing this project overall because it is a different form of art. The spray paint had a very strong smell, but it would go away really fast outside. I will definitely use the spray paints again, of course where it is legal. I was not able to go to Venice Beach this time, but I sure will be going to use the rest of the spray on the Venice Wall.

Week 3-Classmate Conversation – Aida Gonzalez 😄


The person I conversated with  this week for my art class was my really close friend Aida Gonzalez. She is a sophomore at the best school ever CSULB and her major is social work with a minor in child development. Her hobby is to go to the gym and do her daily routines and get the best out of it. Another hobby that we both have in common is sleeping; we love to sleep. Her mom is from Durango and her dad from Sinaloa they are neighboring places from where my parents are from; who would have known that.

Anyway, Aida is such a great friend! She is very nice, sweet, caring, outgoing, and very supportive.  I know for a fact that I can count on her no matter what. If anyone is ever looking or needing to speak to someone cool, smart, and pretty speak to this girl she can help by bringing good laughs and smiles out anyone.

I really enjoyed  conversating with Aida about art because it was a topic we never really had discussed before. She observes art as a way to express creativity; not only as drawing and painting, but she says that art can also be expressed by poetry, English, and just a way of expression to show your mind without really having to. I definitely agreed with the way she saw art and of course my own opinions, but this activity was a great way to actually get to know my friend a little more.

Week 3- Social Photography


The activity for this week was to post four instagram pictures of our daily routine with the #art110f15. After I posted my pictures I clicked on the hashtag and looked at the rest of the class instagram post and realized that there was a lot of pictures that were very similar but yet also differ. It’s crazy that so many people have social media in which we all communicate with people we may or may not know.
The pictures I posted on my instagram were two pictures of the sculptures in the art gallery because I was amazed with all of them. The other two that I posted was going swimming with my friends. Well in one of them we were barely going to get into the pool and in the other one we were in the sauna room. After a good swim we were exhausted and hungry, but sadly I had to go and eat there. It was okay because I love my mom’s food.

Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Kayla R. Workman


I really enjoyed this activity not only because I learned different aspects of art, but also interacted with other students from art class 110. I was very interested in Kayla Workman’s art because I liked the fact that she worked with senior citizens  that had Alziehmers  from a local senior center, but she also worked with women who needed someone to support them and help them cope with life. Right off the back I was intrigued by her work not only because some work stood out, but because each art work had a meaning behind it.

I really liked that on each wall of her gallery she had different set of work. Like on one wall she had pictures of women of all ages holding a piece of paper with a message written on it. The whole meaning of it  was to show that our hands show a person’s identity; whether they are old, young, and different race. This project was made for them to write down what they have accomplished with their hands. Another project that was amazing was the Stained Glass Nöttan. The reason it did was because it had so many different colors and very eye catching.

The first one I talked about was the polaroid project which was a picture of a hand with a written message. It was done to show that the hands reveal a sense of identity. That was an interesting project to do. The Stained Glass Nöttan was a way for the participants to be encouraged by art to have positive emotions.

All the art work presented was amazing and really beautiful. I like that it was very diverse and very caring towards other people. The fact that they worked with disabled such as the, Acacia Adult Day Services and others. I liked how art shows a person the beauty of it and has a wonderful meaning behind it.

Kayla R Workman’s website:

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