This week I interviewed Christopher M. Linquata who is on his last semester at CSULB. He is obtaining to get an MFA in representational painting and drawing.  As soon as I walked into his gallery which was located on Gatov-West, I was astonished by his work. All the beautiful color and paintings caught my eye right away which made me interested in learning more about his work by asking the artist.

wpid-20151112_112316.jpg  wpid-20151112_112334.jpg wpid-20151112_112319.jpg

His work is done by acrylic paint. He mentioned that he used it instead of oil because acrylic dries up faster. He was inspired mainly by nature and the renaissance era. He mentioned that there were a few of his paintings that were set at the beach. Also, he said one of the pictures was inspired by Sunken City which is a place in San Pedro. The paintings in his gallery had a picture which himself and the people who surrounded him. He mentioned that the people included his friends, family, and other MFA students at CSULB. To him his paintings are a place that he sees through his eyes.

wpid-20151112_111841.jpg wpid-20151112_111854.jpg wpid-20151112_111915.jpg

It took him 10 hours total to paint all of the pieces for this art show. He said that it was about 3 years to put the whole gallery together because there were a lot of ideas that came to him to finish up his last pieces. Christopher mentioned that he tends to draw out imagination, memories, or even draw or paint at the moment. His perspective is very unique that other artists. Some of his work shows humor and other expressions there is always a moral seriousness that he wishes to present on the low.

This was a very cool and eye catching gallery. I really liked the fact that he put himself in every piece of his work. The color and the portray displayed were just beautiful and the fact that each piece of art had a meaning behind it.  He has a lot of potential as an artist and I am happy and satisfied with what he presented in his art show this week.

You can find him on instagram: icon5350


facebook: christo.linquata