This week for the artist conversation I spoke to Tyler Turett. His art gallery had animations done by him and a mini sculpture of himself. His creations are mostly cartoon type which he uses Photoshop, flash, and after effects to make his creations.  The sculpture was made of wire, foil, and some type of clay. He also mentioned that he did animations on paper where you have to flip through the pages in order to see the animations. In most of his work he tried to incorporate a 3D background.

Turret goes to CSULB and he is finishing up his last semester. He mentioned that he was interested in doing animation barely 2 years ago. When he began learning about animation all the work they did was made on paper, but now it can be made by drawing on a machine. With that machine he can make as many rough drafts of a drawing and is transferred to the computer. A rough draft of his drawing can take him 20 times redrawing the picture until he likes it. After he cleans up the drawing and transferred it to the computer to be animated. He was inspired by many animators and the Disney movies did to because his goal was to aim his drawings to look something like that. Although, he did mention that his drawings are nothing a like the Disney characters.


In Turett’s animations there are all types of characters. He had all types of characters like frogs, a satan, regular people, and carrot figures that were live. He enjoys making animation characters because he can create anything he wants and he can make people laugh with what he draws. His ultimate goal is to make people laugh. Animation is something that he enjoys doing because you could do much more drawings and animations that are similar to humans.

I really liked looking at his work because it was very intriguing and interesting. I thought that his explanation of his work was very funny and cute because what he described of the animation of the carrots was funny. His animation reminded me of all the shows I would watch in TV when I was a child. I liked the fact that he did a small sculpture of himself which was pretty neat. I really liked the picture where the carrots are attacking the person. Overall his work was great and he is very talented.