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This week I visited Kathy Yoon’s art gallery titled “So Many Me’s” located in Gatov East. Kathy is transferring to Cal State Long Beach and is getting a major in ceramics. She has been in the ceramics department for three years already. When she began college she was going to major in Math, but then she was introduced to ceramics so she changed her major to ceramics. Her gallery had a lot of ceramic figures that expressed various emotions.

She began working with ceramics once she was in college. She would make animal figures that would deal with realism but she felt there was something missing. She felt that she was not expressing her emotions the way she wanted to express them. She was inspired by animations which represented her emotions. All the figures presented in her gallery were showing different personalities and emotions expressed. She wanted us as the audience to relate to the work she had.

To create her figures she used clay. She made all kinds of shapes with the clay such as long strips, big chunks of it put on top of one another. Kathy did not want to put much colors because she felt that it would not express the message she was trying to portray. That is why she decided to use white, black, and red to  concentrate the main purpose of the figures. She mentioned that her favorite pieces contained red items and have a significant meaning to her such as the figure with the balloon and another with a hanging doll.

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I really enjoyed going into to her gallery because all her figures had an interesting part. I found it more interesting that each figure showed a different expression such as anger, sadness, fear, and many other expressions. Just like Kathy my favorite piece in the gallery was the figure with a heart. She did not explain why she really liked it, but to me it seemed as if she was hanging on to a little piece of happiness. Her work was very eye catching and the meaning portrayed by her figures were very different and nice.

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You can find her on Instagram: kathycyoo