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Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Milagros Herrera


This week I met Millie Herrera a third year student with a major in marketing, but she is planning on switching it to liberal arts. The reason she wants to switch majors is because she would like to a teacher and interact with students. She tends to be always surrounded by kids and they bring her a lot of joy. She commutes to school from Norwalk and she went to Artesia High School.

We both have in common that we love playing soccer but had to stop once we graduated high school. We also have in common that we are Annual Pass holders for Disneyland, and we love it. Her favorite character is Belle from Beauty and The Beast and her favorite rides are Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

She also enjoys reading by far one of her favorite book is called ” The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han. She likes cooking but to be specific baking and she enjoys watching old fashioned movies. She gave up meat so her favorite food is seafood and her favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream.

The question of the week was if tattoo’s are a form of  art and if it matters the way you design. Millie does think that a tattoo is a form of art and that it does matter to her to pick it out her design of her own. If she were to get a tattoo she would get an Aztec or Mayan symbol because it would be  a representation of her culture, since she is half Mexican and Guatemalan.  It was pleasure having the opportunity to meet  Millie.

Week 10- Activity- Game Design


The activity of this week was to download the Geocache. Geocache is an app where people place some of their things in a container and put the location of it in the app. Next someone goes to find it and writes their name on the log book. After you trade the stuff inside your container, but you do not get to take it home.


My geocache was located at CSULB by the CBA building because I am usually over there because I usually park my car around that area. I decided to place it there so those who park by the CBA  building will be able to find my stuff before heading home.

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-09.png                              wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-21-19-22.png

I did attempt to find someones geocache not at CSULB because I did not have time, but there was one .8 mi away so I found the area. As I was searching I was not able to find anything so I just gave up on that one, but I am hoping to look for one this coming week at CSULB.

Geocache was actually very fun and interesting to do because it was like an adventure. One because we had to place our own stuff or “trinkets” in a container and hide it so someone else could find it. Second because you are able to trade things with people you do not know. I am looking forward for the upcoming activity.

Week 10- Classmate Conversation-Samantha Mcfeely


This week I met Sam Mcfeely who is a third year student at CSULB with a major in criminal justice. Her plans after graduating is to work with the law enforcement. She is originally form Santa Cruz, but now has an apartment in Lakewood, so she commutes.

One of her hobbies is to swim. She loves swimming, she mentioned she use to be in the rowing team. She also mentioned that she worked as a lifeguard at a YMCA she teaches kids from 0 months to like 5 to 6 years old. She said that her favorite kind of food is bread! She is happy and satisfied with bread, but as a dish she enjoys eating spaghetti with meatballs. We had in common the fact that we both love cookies and cream ice cream. Her favorite color is green, but she tends to wear a lot of teal.

The question of the week was “If you can travel to any country in the world where would it be and why?” She said that her dream place would be Ireland. The reason for is because her family background is Irish and she would be interested in visiting and exploring the wonders of Ireland.

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Mattew Dumpit


My artist conversation for this week was with Mattew Dumpit at the Wereby Gallery. Mattew is a current CSULB student who is going to major in metal. His plans after graduating are to work for a studio firm that does creative design or furniture design. His interest for art began since he was in elementary school. The materials he used for his art work were copper, steel, wood, and welded wire. He is very interested in mechanic and emotion because he is curious of their moving dynamic concepts in limited space.

As soon as I went into his art gallery I noticed little wired sculptures hanging on the wall. The little pieces had a little handle that caused the pieces to move. He also used light to reflect onto the pieces in order to make a shadow on the wall. He chose the white type of light because he felt that it intensified the shadow. Dumpit mentioned that when he began these pieces it caused him a lot of frustration because it was a difficult task. He went through a lot of process by shaping the wire to be straight.


One of his projects that was over the top was the chair he made. This chair was made of welded wire. He said he did not have a set design for it, but he just went with what was coming out. He says he mostly looks at the shadow of the pieces rather than the piece itself. It took him about 3 weeks to finish up the chair and be ready for presentation.


I enjoyed every single thing I saw in his art gallery especially because it seemed to delicate. I liked the little sculptures on the wall because we were encouraged to interact with the pieces. I did not want to interact with the pieces because I felt that I was going to break it or something but as I did it I noticed that it was well put together and it would not fall apart.

He did say he did not have a website yet, but if there is any questions for him you can email him to

Week 9-Artist Conversation-Maccabee Shelley


The artist that I chose this week was Maccabee Shelley because his art work was just amazing. He grew up in LA and then he moved to San Francisco because he hated traffic and the hot weather, but he moved back this time to Long Beach because he wanted to aspire art. He is on his fourth semester here and in order to get his art in the galleries he had to apply for it. This was his third gallery show here at Cal State Long Beach.

Since he was a kid he was always interested in science and he enjoyed taking things apart and rebuilding it in his own way. He never thought he would major in art until he realized once he was studying at Humboldt University that each year he was taking an art class and receiving an A. That is when he discovered that art was something he was interested in and wanted to study for it. He looks at art like a map and just arranges things and uses a lot of scientific use and plays with it. It  He has worked with ceramics for about 8 to 9 years because it is his favorite tool of making art.


His art work in the gallery was made of glass, plaster, ceramics, and objects he found that went along with his work. He compared his work to an ongoing cycle because as he finds new objects along the way he creates art out of it. He works with about anything and just mixes and matches. To find his objects he sometimes looks for them in the dumpsters or recycling bins. He states that all of them were his favorite piece, but if he had to chose it would a hanging mirror with little objects on it. He liked that one because he wanted to show off not only the big objects he found, but also the small ones.


His inspiration is to create something new which makes him excited  which motivates him to add more things to it. Maccabee does not have an ultimate goal, instead he believes that he should set his goal and go forward and finish it. His art gallery was amazing and interesting to observe. Most of the work presented seemed fragile as if you would touch it and it would just fall.

His website is:


Week 9-Classmate Conversation-Diana Solis

This week I met Diana Solis who is finishing up her last semester with a major in sociology. Her plan after graduation is to find a job as a social worker or a counselor for children, but she is still not quite sure. Her hobbies are to focus in school, spend time with her family and friends, go to the bars, go hiking, and during the summer go to the beach almost everyday. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite type of food are pizza, enchiladas, tacos, and fettuccine alfredo. Her favorite dessert is ice cream and her favorite type of ice cream is rocky road. She mentioned that she use to work at Cold Stone and she enjoyed the fact that they would get free ice cream. She has lived in Long Beach all her life.


The question of the week was “after visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art,pieces, what is your favorite type (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) and why?” Her response to this question was that she prefers the paintings of the art galleries. She came down to the conclusion that she liked it more because her favorite artist is a painter. The name of the artist is Sand One she lives in LA and she draws dolls. She recommends people to take a look at her art.

Week 8- Activity- Mobile Public Art

The activity of the week was to download the Somebody app and have someone deliver your message to a friend of yours. This app is basically sending and delivering messages to others. At first this app was a bit confusing but as I started looking through the app I found how to work it. I left a floater to see if anyone would deliver my message, and a few people did get it and wanted to deliver it but after a few minutes the delivery failed. I feel that it was hard for people to locate the person they were trying to deliver the message to.


My friend Aida did send me a message and someone did manage to find me and deliver me her message. This was the only interaction that I had throughout that moment, but because it was difficult to find the people due to the amount of people.


My overall experience with this app was okay, I could say that I did not really like it because it was complicated working with it and finding people based on one picture. This app would be better if it had somewhere you can actually chat with the person you are trying to find because like that it will be easier to contact that person. It would also be better if more pictures were able to be posted because like that you can recognize the person better.

I prefer using snap chat, Instagram, and even periscope because with them you can actually have a conversation with other people. On two of those other apps you are able to take pictures have friends that view them and comment on them and on the other one you are live streaming in front of people all over the world. I feel that the Somebody app needs a lot of more into so that it becomes more interesting and like that it will be well known.

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Shannon Leith

The art gallery I went to this week was “Goodbye Gluten” by Shannon Leith. She was born in Canada but at age 13 moved to Long Beach because her dad had a job opportunity over here. She said she prefers Long Beach in the sense that she loves the climate and the beach, but she is proud of where she is from. She became interested in art when she was a senior in high school, but once she took a trip to Africa she discovered the world through photography. Her inspiration for her art work was a study of what we can and cannot eat and how it feels going through grieving because a lost of a certain type of food and then the healing process. It is a big loss but her art work shows that the loss of this food is serious but she describes it with humor as well.

wpid-img_0564.jpg  (Me)   wpid-img_1782.jpg(The artist and my friend)

The material she used for her art show was gluten free photography, gluten free slideshow, gluten free blanket, and gluten free sounds. I found the way she called her materials gluten free cute and a bit funny. She mentioned that the first day of her gallery was Sunday night where she gave gluten free cakes to the people. The chair had a projection sound right on top of it and as soon as someone sat on the chair you were able to hear sounds. The room was made to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

She wanted her audience to feel comfortable and cover yourself with the blanket provided there and to sit on the chair and hear the sounds. Everything she had in the room was food that she was allergic to such as bread, pretzels, cookies, and other things with gluten. She wanted the audience to think about the good times of things you have lost in life. She compared this to a breakup where you still have memories and things that remind you of that person. It is a way to show you of a loss but it will always be remembered.

I enjoyed her gallery because she is right in the fact that you lose something but you still remember it. Her show made me feel blessed because I am able to eat whatever I want without having to worry if I can’t eat it. It must be hard to be allergic to gluten especially because our world is surrounded with so much things that have gluten. I think she is strong for making this serious but in a way humorous. I really liked her gallery and the meaning it had behind it.

You can find her :


Week 8- Classmate Conversation- Natalie Marquez

This week I met Natalie Marquez who is a 3rd year student at CSULB with a Child Development Major. Her plan after she graduates is to work as a Child Life Specialists at a hospital. She commutes to school form Huntington Beach which only takes her about 20 minutes to get here. wpid-20151015_111131.jpg

She enjoys hanging out with her friends, family, and boyfriend. Her hobby is go go hiking and finding a new adventure. She hiked and camped at Yosemite which she says it was scary because there was only four of them who had gone to camp there. She enjoys listening to any type of music such as alternative and EDM, but the only kind she does not listen to is country. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite kind of food is posole, enchiladas, picadillo, and her favorite pasta is spaghetti. We both had in common the fact that we love Disneyland! Her favorite character is Squirt from Finding Nemo. Also her favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Carribean.

The question of the week was long, but it basically asked “how does anything you see in the work of art remind you of something else you have seen or experienced?” Her response was that the art show “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time” created by Jane Weibel she saw last week brought her back so many memories. Just walking inside made her feel like if she was back to her childhood. As she saw the swings, the hangers with toddler clothing, and the ladders it just reminded her of the days that you did not have to worry about anything and just to have fun and play.

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