The activity of this week was to make something that is able to be wall hanging out of fiber. I attempted to make a hammock and I feel that it was a close attempt. At first I did not know what I was going to make out of fiber or at least I did not know to make it a hanging piece. So I started off by getting a little piece of stick and cutting out some streaks of yarn. Once I cut the pieces of yarn out I tied it to one side of the stick and then to the other stick. With this activity I realized that working with fiber takes a lot of patients because in order to make something out of it you have to take your time. I really enjoyed doing this project because it is something that takes creativity. The results were what I expected because it did look like a hammock although it was a bit weak to hold anything on top of it. I hung the hammock on two giraffes just because they were almost the same size. My view of fiber art has changed because now I understand that it is a process that requires patients and that many incredible things can be created out of fiber.

wpid-20151108_153853.jpg   wpid-20151108_153859.jpg

After I was done hanging up the hammock on the giraffes I put a little toy dog on top of it because it was very light. I thought this was a fun and interesting activity and I will definitely try to do some other type of art with fibers.