The activity of the week was to improve our website by changing the theme of our website and what our plans are to do with the website at the end of the semester. By changing it we had to create a web page that showed our interests and major goals. I decided to make my website based on soccer because I love playing and watching it. I would like for anything who goes on my site to put what they think about soccer or who their favorite soccer team is and etc.

At first I was indecisive to what to change my my theme to. I changed my my web page name to “Ball is Life” because to me soccer is just something that relaxes me and keeps me in shape. After this class I do not really plan to use the site, but I have learned a lot out of using this website and blogging. I really enjoyed the fact that this was a new experience for me and if I ever have to do something like this again I will know what to do.