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December 2015

Week 15-Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

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This week I interviewed Lourdes Martinez who is on her last semester with a Photography major. Her interest towards art began her last year in high school. She did explain that it was not that interesting in high school classes, but once she began college the classes were much more interesting and taught them more in depth. When she was coming in as a freshmen she wanted to be a nurse, but eventually went for photography.

She views art as a place where you can have everything you are interested in such math, science, and etc. Her dream is to get an internship at the Observatory. She is not really looking for photography jobs, but if the opportunity comes she is willing to try. She does not have a website where you can view her art pieces.

During the art gallery her piece of art was very unique. It was a piece that was shaped like a square with 2 colors with 4 different shades. This picture represents Earth and it amazes her how so many people live in on earth and you can not even see how small Earth is. She was mainly inspired by space aircraft.

I really found her piece of art interesting because it was different and I did not know what it meant. As I asked her questions I realized that it had a good meaning to it. I like how that piece of photography represents Earth. She really liked that science and math is incorporated in art pieces and I found that interesting to. It was interesting the way she viewed art by saying that you incorporate any subject or anything you like into a piece of art.

Week 15-Classmate Conversation- Shannelle Cruz and Aida Gonzalez


This week I interviewed Shanel Cruz and Aida Gonzalez. Shanel Cruz is a 4 year student at CSULB. Her major is Health Care Administration and after graduation she is looking to work in the hospital as a Human Resource person. She commutes from Cerritos and she went to St. Joseph’s High School. Her hobby is to watch Netflix and her favorite shows are “Jane the Virgin” and “How I Met My Mother.” She loves trying new food places and her favorite type of food for the moment are tacos. Another hobby is that she likes going out with friends. She has a part time job at Downtown Disney and she is able to get a free pass. The question of the week was “What art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Shanel’s answer was that she thinks music and social media is one the biggest impacts in life because it connects you with each other. Aida Gonzalez is a very good friend of mine and I had already interviewed but we both interviewed Shanel.

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