The art show I decided to go to this week was “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time” created by Jane Weibel. Her entire art work took me back to my own childhood memories because of all the art inside such as swings, toddler clothes hung from a string, ladders, and many other things.Walking inside felt as if I was walking into a playground with so many colors. She was always interested in art work, but did stop around her 20’s; eventually she decided that art was for her and she just went for it. She was inspired to these types of art work because it reminded her of her childhood and the memories behind it. Also, she researched that our brains rewrite our memories every time we think about them. That is something that gave her anxiety and devastated her.


The tools she used were ceramics and she used different fiber ropes and other things to make her art work happen. Her whole are is about memories and going back to our childhood. She began doing this type of art when she found some old pictures of her childhood and realized that every time she thought of those moments they were changing as she rethought them. It also gave her anxiety because her aunt passed away from Alzheimer’s disease which was sad because she forgot all memories. To Wiebel memories are very fragile and should be remembered as they were not shifting or changing them as we remember the memories.


Weibel lives in downtown Long Beach and goes to CSULB. Before she went to CSULB she was at a community college near San Diego for two years and was going to get a major in graphic design. She then transferred to CSULB and needs one more year to graduate and is getting a major in Ceramics. She decided to pick ceramics because she can manipulate and shape the artwork the way she would want. It took her about two months to do all the art in the gallery and about 36 hours to install all her work in the gallery.

I really enjoyed walking around in her gallery and remembering my own memories. I also found it devastating that every time we remember our memories they are changing the way things actually happened. I loved the hanging swing and the toddler clothing hanging because it was like a playground or like a child’s home.


You can find her on Instagram: janemargarette