The activity of this week was to download the Geocache. Geocache is an app where people place some of their things in a container and put the location of it in the app. Next someone goes to find it and writes their name on the log book. After you trade the stuff inside your container, but you do not get to take it home.


My geocache was located at CSULB by the CBA building because I am usually over there because I usually park my car around that area. I decided to place it there so those who park by the CBA  building will be able to find my stuff before heading home.

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-15-52-09.png                              wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-21-19-22.png

I did attempt to find someones geocache not at CSULB because I did not have time, but there was one .8 mi away so I found the area. As I was searching I was not able to find anything so I just gave up on that one, but I am hoping to look for one this coming week at CSULB.

Geocache was actually very fun and interesting to do because it was like an adventure. One because we had to place our own stuff or “trinkets” in a container and hide it so someone else could find it. Second because you are able to trade things with people you do not know. I am looking forward for the upcoming activity.