My artist conversation for this week was with Mattew Dumpit at the Wereby Gallery. Mattew is a current CSULB student who is going to major in metal. His plans after graduating are to work for a studio firm that does creative design or furniture design. His interest for art began since he was in elementary school. The materials he used for his art work were copper, steel, wood, and welded wire. He is very interested in mechanic and emotion because he is curious of their moving dynamic concepts in limited space.

As soon as I went into his art gallery I noticed little wired sculptures hanging on the wall. The little pieces had a little handle that caused the pieces to move. He also used light to reflect onto the pieces in order to make a shadow on the wall. He chose the white type of light because he felt that it intensified the shadow. Dumpit mentioned that when he began these pieces it caused him a lot of frustration because it was a difficult task. He went through a lot of process by shaping the wire to be straight.


One of his projects that was over the top was the chair he made. This chair was made of welded wire. He said he did not have a set design for it, but he just went with what was coming out. He says he mostly looks at the shadow of the pieces rather than the piece itself. It took him about 3 weeks to finish up the chair and be ready for presentation.


I enjoyed every single thing I saw in his art gallery especially because it seemed to delicate. I liked the little sculptures on the wall because we were encouraged to interact with the pieces. I did not want to interact with the pieces because I felt that I was going to break it or something but as I did it I noticed that it was well put together and it would not fall apart.

He did say he did not have a website yet, but if there is any questions for him you can email him to