The artist that I chose this week was Maccabee Shelley because his art work was just amazing. He grew up in LA and then he moved to San Francisco because he hated traffic and the hot weather, but he moved back this time to Long Beach because he wanted to aspire art. He is on his fourth semester here and in order to get his art in the galleries he had to apply for it. This was his third gallery show here at Cal State Long Beach.

Since he was a kid he was always interested in science and he enjoyed taking things apart and rebuilding it in his own way. He never thought he would major in art until he realized once he was studying at Humboldt University that each year he was taking an art class and receiving an A. That is when he discovered that art was something he was interested in and wanted to study for it. He looks at art like a map and just arranges things and uses a lot of scientific use and plays with it. It  He has worked with ceramics for about 8 to 9 years because it is his favorite tool of making art.


His art work in the gallery was made of glass, plaster, ceramics, and objects he found that went along with his work. He compared his work to an ongoing cycle because as he finds new objects along the way he creates art out of it. He works with about anything and just mixes and matches. To find his objects he sometimes looks for them in the dumpsters or recycling bins. He states that all of them were his favorite piece, but if he had to chose it would a hanging mirror with little objects on it. He liked that one because he wanted to show off not only the big objects he found, but also the small ones.


His inspiration is to create something new which makes him excited  which motivates him to add more things to it. Maccabee does not have an ultimate goal, instead he believes that he should set his goal and go forward and finish it. His art gallery was amazing and interesting to observe. Most of the work presented seemed fragile as if you would touch it and it would just fall.

His website is: http://maccabeeshelley.com