The art gallery I went to this week was “Goodbye Gluten” by Shannon Leith. She was born in Canada but at age 13 moved to Long Beach because her dad had a job opportunity over here. She said she prefers Long Beach in the sense that she loves the climate and the beach, but she is proud of where she is from. She became interested in art when she was a senior in high school, but once she took a trip to Africa she discovered the world through photography. Her inspiration for her art work was a study of what we can and cannot eat and how it feels going through grieving because a lost of a certain type of food and then the healing process. It is a big loss but her art work shows that the loss of this food is serious but she describes it with humor as well.

wpid-img_0564.jpg  (Me)   wpid-img_1782.jpg(The artist and my friend)

The material she used for her art show was gluten free photography, gluten free slideshow, gluten free blanket, and gluten free sounds. I found the way she called her materials gluten free cute and a bit funny. She mentioned that the first day of her gallery was Sunday night where she gave gluten free cakes to the people. The chair had a projection sound right on top of it and as soon as someone sat on the chair you were able to hear sounds. The room was made to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

She wanted her audience to feel comfortable and cover yourself with the blanket provided there and to sit on the chair and hear the sounds. Everything she had in the room was food that she was allergic to such as bread, pretzels, cookies, and other things with gluten. She wanted the audience to think about the good times of things you have lost in life. She compared this to a breakup where you still have memories and things that remind you of that person. It is a way to show you of a loss but it will always be remembered.

I enjoyed her gallery because she is right in the fact that you lose something but you still remember it. Her show made me feel blessed because I am able to eat whatever I want without having to worry if I can’t eat it. It must be hard to be allergic to gluten especially because our world is surrounded with so much things that have gluten. I think she is strong for making this serious but in a way humorous. I really liked her gallery and the meaning it had behind it.

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