The activity of the week was to download the Somebody app and have someone deliver your message to a friend of yours. This app is basically sending and delivering messages to others. At first this app was a bit confusing but as I started looking through the app I found how to work it. I left a floater to see if anyone would deliver my message, and a few people did get it and wanted to deliver it but after a few minutes the delivery failed. I feel that it was hard for people to locate the person they were trying to deliver the message to.


My friend Aida did send me a message and someone did manage to find me and deliver me her message. This was the only interaction that I had throughout that moment, but because it was difficult to find the people due to the amount of people.


My overall experience with this app was okay, I could say that I did not really like it because it was complicated working with it and finding people based on one picture. This app would be better if it had somewhere you can actually chat with the person you are trying to find because like that it will be easier to contact that person. It would also be better if more pictures were able to be posted because like that you can recognize the person better.

I prefer using snap chat, Instagram, and even periscope because with them you can actually have a conversation with other people. On two of those other apps you are able to take pictures have friends that view them and comment on them and on the other one you are live streaming in front of people all over the world. I feel that the Somebody app needs a lot of more into so that it becomes more interesting and like that it will be well known.