The assignment for this week was to use snap chat and draw pictures on it and send it to a fellow classmate. The pictures I drew was one after my soccer game and another one was of my stuffed animal puppy with a girl next to it. The first one I just wanted to show how much I love the color pink and it just describes my personality. The crown was just an extra touch because I always imagine what it would be like to be a queen. The second drawing was was my stuffed animal which is a puppy with a girl next to it; that girl would represent me because I have always wanted a pet dog. This picture also reminds me of my past because the way I drew my person was just about the same way I would draw my people back in elementary school.


On the other hand my friend Aida she is an artist; she definitely has talent. She drew a picture of Mickey Mouse from scratch and I know it is really hard to draw on snap chat. she put a lot of time and effort in drawing this piece of art. I was astonished by her drawing, but even more amazed when I saw this next picture. My favorite character is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and this is the amazing drawing I find once I open up my snap chat.


I really enjoyed doing this activity because I was able to see how many amazing artists there are in my class but also noticed that a lot of us have a lot in common. I will definitely keep on drawing fun and random pieces on my snap chat for my friends to see. I can not wait for next weeks activity!