This week I met Gillian English a second year student at CSULB with a major in Business and a minor in Fashion Design. After she graduates she wants to own her own business designing socks. She was a company where she can put designs on them such as flamingos, pancakes, and many other creative ideas she had. She decided to major in business because she feels you can go anywhere with a business major. She use to play soccer for Marina High School and an AYSO team. It was interesting because her high school played most of the Long Beach high schools except for mine Millikan High School. She enjoys watching TV and movies such as Super Natural, Criminal Minds, and Bobs Burger. Since it is October and Halloween is coming up she did tell me what she will be for Halloween; it would Tina from the movie “Bob’s Burger” so she is looking forward for her act that night. She likes eating pasta, cheeseburgers, and of course sweets like chocolate. She likes going to the beach and hanging out with friends. Gillian is also in a volunteer program called PETRA  here at CSULB, where they help in church, feed the homeless, and many other events. Her favorite colors are light blue and light purple, she is more into lighter and softer colors.

The question of the week was “if you could dye your hair a certain crazy color, which color would it be and why?” which quite an interesting and fun question. Gillian said if she would dye her hair it would be a light with dark purple because it is a way to just feel free and to be spontaneous. She feels that it would be better to do such things before you go to college or get a serious job.

It was a pleasure meeting Gillian this week and looking forward for next weeks classmate conversation.



snapchat: @englishgillian1