The activity for this week was to find identity by using Periscope. Periscope is used to blog what an individual is doing live all over the world. While people are live streaming, others are watching, commenting, and tapping the screen to send hearts. This activity was for us students to either act like someone you are not or to actually be yourself in front of the camera.

I chose to act like myself and show what I do as a daily routine. Honestly I did not want to do the assignment because I did not want other people to see me because I do not know them. I started off by doing private streams with a close friend and my boyfriend;it was actually pretty fun. Once it came to streaming live I was shy, but then I went on live with the company of my friend and we just were acting like ourselves as if no one was watching. As we kept on talking we noticed that people were actually watching but most of them were shy to talk but it was fun.


Once I was done blogging and having a little too much fun; I decided to scope on other people’s blogs. I noticed that a lot of people all over the world have so much in common with me. I really enjoyed watching scopes from France because I love hearing and understanding their language. I noticed that a lot of people that scope just want to talk to other people for distraction or entertainment.

Overall I really enjoyed doing this activity and seeing that it really is not easy being in front of the camera, at least for me. I will most likely use it once in a while if I am going to do something interesting.This was a great activity and I am looking forward for the following activities.