The artist I spoke with this week was Alice Andreini and her gallery was eye catching. Her art work was very appealing because the colors were very bright and hard to miss. She had many paintings that had flowers, leaves, branches, and many things that would be seen in a garden or nature.  There are many different forms of lines and other shapes in her paintings.


The reason she drew flowers was because she believes that there is meaning behind it.She was inspired by her mother’s garden. The reason she inspired her to connect the world with a garden is because it made her feel connected with her mother. It made her connect with her mother because her mother was ill, but eventually got better. The concept of her paintings are to explore space by incorporating the garden. The yellow painting with a lot of lines and the flower painting were the biggest paintings and those took much longer to paint than the other little ones she had. She also said that she was, “exploring idea of decay and renewal in relation to the garden,” and i thought it was interesting to see her point of view. The artists that inspired her were Matisse, Manet, and Cecily Brown.

Her painting means that she is trying to explore relationship of things within the context of the garden. She started painting barely four years ago, but she is really good. She was motivated to paint because most of her colleagues at worked were artists; where one day she just picked up the brush and began to paint.

  • I really liked the fact that she connected the meaning to the outside world by using a garden as her inspiration. Her art was beautiful and outstanding, especially with the bright colors incorporated in her art work. Unfortunately, she does not have a website where we can find her on yet.   With her, only painting for four years she is amazing at it. I am looking forward for next weeks art galleries.