This week I met Nicholas Cedeno, who is a second year student at CSULB. His major is criminal justice and his goal is to become a federal police officer. Nicholas went to Lakewood High School in Long Beach and the sport he did was track. His favorite type of food are empanada’s specifically made by is grandma. He is the middle child in his family; he has one older brother and a one younger brother. His two favorite colors are yellow and blue. We both had in common the fact that water was our favorite drink and we are both nineteen.His hobbies are to run, be with family, and go hiking to explore and exercise.

The question of the week was, “What are the emotions of color?” Nicholas chose three colors that he felt have a meaning to it. He said yellow because it brings positive vibes and a bright future. Red was another color which he said could stand for anger or also for love and passion. The last color he mentioned was gray to him it reminds him of being emotionless or being in your comfort zone.