The place I decided to do the ethnography activity was in my room. The reason I chose to stay in my room was because that is the place where I can relax and fall a sleep really quick. Once there was no sun I stayed in my room with no electricity and slowly I fell a sleep. I actually enjoyed not having any electricity because it creates more heat and another reason was because I was actually able to sleep without having any technology. Usually when I sleep I use my phone for half an hour just going on social media when I can actually be sleeping.

It is amazing how before people did not need any electricity or technology to live. People back then enjoyed looking at the beauty of the sky, full of stars. Without lights you are able to see the beautiful sky and just relax, but now we have light and technology which is much more interesting to this generation. I wish that our generation and future generations would be able to experience what our parents or our ancestors experimented. Unfortunately we depend on light and a lot of things that have to do with technology. Any who, this experience was fun and well needed because I was able to sleep very well.