This week I met Aiyat Abdelhady who is also in Art class 110. She is a third year student at CSULB and her major is Child Development. She is interested in working with children and helping develop their education. Her hobbies are to workout, to hang out with her boyfriend, and be with her dogs. A form that she likes to work out is by going hiking and exploring different places.

The question of the week was ” What do you swim in?” ; at first we were a bit confused until we clarified the question with the professor. Basically it is asking what is she doing here, at school, with her family, or other different kinds of questions. She said that she is at CSULB to get a career and make her parents proud; we both shared this thought. Also she is with her family because she feels their love and support in her decisions. The same way her family is there for her, she is there for them as well.

In picture on the top she is the one on the right hand side. It was great getting to meet Aiyat.