The artist I decided to interview was Joanie Ellen she was located in the Werby Gallery. As soon as I heard the name of the show “I Am Dirty-You Are Dirty” I was intrigued on what was presented. That is why I decided to see the art she was going to present. When I walked in i noticed that there was dirt on the floor covered with leaves and some stones, also a long piece of wood which  seemed like if it was cut from a tree horizontally. Next to the wood was two buckets full of dirty water. Joanie also had a big screen in which she was repeating herself saying, “I Am Dirty no You Are Dirty.” The materials she used was redwood, dirt, beach stones, branches, water, paint cans, and a piece of wood on top of the wood.


The reason this art show was to see the relationship between process and product in woodwork. The whole point of her video of repetition was to show that it shapes the identity for the craftsperson. The whole point of her material provided there was for the audience to take a look and actually mess with the buckets of water, the soap, and dirt. She encouraged everyone to touch the material to have a feel of her work.

She was inspired woodworking when she was pregnant. She use to be an actress, but now transitioned to doing wood work and sending a deep message with her art work. The transition from actor was not difficult because she said it came to her naturally. Her message through all this was about ideals in the nature and human nature. That is considered to her confusion and mess in a composed and thoughtful environment.

When I walked in the gallery I thought it was creepy but cool. At first I did not understand what the whole point of the gallery was until I went to speak with the artist. Once I understood the message behind it I went back and realized that it was a great art show. I enjoyed the gallery because everyone was allowed to touch the water, the soap, the dirt, and everything that was exposed  there. I was amazed by the wood work done because it was cut perfect and when you touched it, it was smoothed. I had a good time in this gallery and I can not wait for next weeks gallery shows.

I did ask if she had any specific website we could look at, but at the moment she did not have one.