This week I had the opportunity to meet Socheatey Yim. We only spoke for about 10 to 15 minutes but I got to learn a lot more of her. Of course we first spoke about the question of the week which was “Does art matter?” Her response to that was art matters because to her it is like a record book. In her point of view if we only had engineers or doctors  we would be like robots with no sense of expressing yourself. I agree that art does matter because it is a form of expression and personality.

Socheatey Yim is a CSULB student and is going to major in accounting.She says she loves math it is like a puzzle to her. Solving problems is fun for her and even making them up. We also spoke about her hobbies, interests, and aspirations which were very interesting and unique. As a hobby she likes to draw because she said “it releases your inner beauty.” She also said that it is a way of relaxing and releasing her stress. She said she was not the greatest at drawing but decent that is exactly what she said. When she daydreams she thinks a lot about space. She says it is interesting thinking about what is going on all over her surroundings. Speaking with this girl was super fun and I am looking forward to meeting another classmate the following week.