My artist conversation for this week was with David de Mendoza. As soon as I went into his gallery I was amazed with all his work. His gallery was located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The theme of this gallery was based on fear and horror. He had a lot of monstrous painting that were made to reflect fear. He used oil paintings in order to get all those darkĀ colors on his painting. Most of his paintings were drawn with dark colors which went very well with his horror theme.

He was inspired by horror movies and nightmares that he might have had or was mentioned tom him. Also, early exposure to horror movies motivated him to draw these paintings. He shared with us his favorite movie which was The Shrine. His goal is to have the audience react to his art and see the exposure art can create. As soon as I walked in I got the reaction he expects his audience to get because it was eye catching.

The meaning of his master pieces are to portray horror. He said that art is “Freedom of Expression” and I completely agree with him because everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. He also said that art is not something that looks a certain way, but however you want. Art is not just a form or drawing it is a form of drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, and many other ways.

Overall I loved looking at his work because I was intrigued by what every picture portrayed. The picture with the babies and their heads was really creepy, but really interesting in look at. The picture on the upper right hand side was really interesting because it looked like a spider with la face but then on its side of the head with a crocodiles mouth. I enjoyed the gallery and I am looking forward for the next artist conversation.

He does not have a website but you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: David de Mendoza

Instagram: demandizzle