samsung phoone 1132

The activity for this week was to do a painting of our name in bubble letters. This was the first time I have ever used spray paint. I really liked the colors that came with my bucket because I love pink and blue which represented me. I had trouble working the pink spray paint because at first  nothing was coming out, but then I took off the top and realized there was something blocking the spray from coming out. Once I took it off, the pink spray came out and was ready to function. I did my name twice, and honestly I messed up on both because it was hard for me to use the spray paint. It was hard for me because I had never used any, but towards the end of the names I got the hang of it. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because it gave me the excuse of spray painting on a board and actually practicing with. Once i did these two I spray painted my name and my boyfriends just for the fun of it. samsung phoone 1140

I had fun doing this project overall because it is a different form of art. The spray paint had a very strong smell, but it would go away really fast outside. I will definitely use the spray paints again, of course where it is legal. I was not able to go to Venice Beach this time, but I sure will be going to use the rest of the spray on the Venice Wall.