The person I conversated with  this week for my art class was my really close friend Aida Gonzalez. She is a sophomore at the best school ever CSULB and her major is social work with a minor in child development. Her hobby is to go to the gym and do her daily routines and get the best out of it. Another hobby that we both have in common is sleeping; we love to sleep. Her mom is from Durango and her dad from Sinaloa they are neighboring places from where my parents are from; who would have known that.

Anyway, Aida is such a great friend! She is very nice, sweet, caring, outgoing, and very supportive.  I know for a fact that I can count on her no matter what. If anyone is ever looking or needing to speak to someone cool, smart, and pretty speak to this girl she can help by bringing good laughs and smiles out anyone.

I really enjoyed  conversating with Aida about art because it was a topic we never really had discussed before. She observes art as a way to express creativity; not only as drawing and painting, but she says that art can also be expressed by poetry, English, and just a way of expression to show your mind without really having to. I definitely agreed with the way she saw art and of course my own opinions, but this activity was a great way to actually get to know my friend a little more.