I really enjoyed this activity not only because I learned different aspects of art, but also interacted with other students from art class 110. I was very interested in Kayla Workman’s art because I liked the fact that she worked with senior citizens  that had Alziehmers  from a local senior center, but she also worked with women who needed someone to support them and help them cope with life. Right off the back I was intrigued by her work not only because some work stood out, but because each art work had a meaning behind it.

I really liked that on each wall of her gallery she had different set of work. Like on one wall she had pictures of women of all ages holding a piece of paper with a message written on it. The whole meaning of it  was to show that our hands show a person’s identity; whether they are old, young, and different race. This project was made for them to write down what they have accomplished with their hands. Another project that was amazing was the Stained Glass Nöttan. The reason it did was because it had so many different colors and very eye catching.

The first one I talked about was the polaroid project which was a picture of a hand with a written message. It was done to show that the hands reveal a sense of identity. That was an interesting project to do. The Stained Glass Nöttan was a way for the participants to be encouraged by art to have positive emotions.

All the art work presented was amazing and really beautiful. I like that it was very diverse and very caring towards other people. The fact that they worked with disabled such as the, Acacia Adult Day Services and others. I liked how art shows a person the beauty of it and has a wonderful meaning behind it.

Kayla R Workman’s website: